Adventure 360Hikers Private Limited has always focused on commitment and deliverance. So, when it comes to our privacy policy guidelines, we believe nothing more than securing your identity and information that comes to us.

At our company, nothing comes before your personal, financial or any sort of identifiable information that needs our safeguarding. We will never sell, rent, share, trade or give away any of your personal information to anyone.


If you are placing an order through our website related to our services and packages then we need your contact information. This contact information consists of your name and e-mail address. Sometimes even, partial or full postal address or telephone number.


If you want us to serve you with our services through the packages/trips/tours in best manner then we need some cookies and addresses to keep that work going. Cookies help us in providing you the desired services and travel deals. If we don't use the benefits of cookies, we won't be able to provide you with what you are looking for on our website. The main motto of cookies is to just guide you exactness and clarity, as a result, save your time, and get the specific deals.

For IP addresses, we occasionally use them for our purposes so as to optimize or diagnose problems with our server. In addition, we use these addresses to produce you with well-defined results. This will help our website to be more accurate when it comes to delivering you the answers you are looking for.

Your data, as aforementioned, is our concern to keep them as secret as possible. Cookies and IP addresses we collect nowhere breaches your information, identity, and integrity.

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