Kedarkantha Trek: One Of the Best Winter Trek In Uttrakhand.

One of the most popular treks in winter, Kedarkantha Trek is a delight, both for seasoned trekkers as well as amateurs. With its feet touching the beautiful and rustic village of Sankri, about 10 hours away from Dehradun, Kedarkantha sits strongly at a height of 12,500 feet. Its very easy for beginners.

Sankri village covered with snow

Sankri Village is the headquarters from where the journey starts and finishes. Purola close to the town of Sankri has the keep going accessible ATM on the course. Traversed more than 6 days, this trip is one of the most fulfilling and awesome path that Garhwal Himalayas offer. Extended over around 20 km, the trip takes you on an elating excursion of unpleasant territories, thick timberlands, and far off towns spotted with perfectly clear Himalayan lakes dispersed along the path.  

Enhanced with a cold cover in winters and its rich pine timberland, Kedarkantha is one of the most compensating highest point journey, particularly for amateurs. Kedarkantha treats its adventurers with lofty perspectives on the strong Himalayas. The course begins from Sankri, wealthy in culture and craftsmanship which is apparent from the unpredictably cut wooden sanctuaries in the district. Situated inside Govind Wildlife Sanctuary here, one can likewise encounter nature in its full greatness. With several winged animal species, it is a flying creature watcher's fantasy objective. It likewise includes the most elevated zip line in Uttarakhand.

Juda ka Talab in april  

The following stop comes at Juda ka Talab, a normally framed lake encompassed by the densest oak and pine backwoods. The lake can totally freeze during winter and can be visited in all seasons. While this area is shrouded in green woodlands and vegetation in summers, one may hope to discover snow till mid-April.  

A square game plan of stones with a harpoon pointing towards the sky denotes the culmination of Kedarkantha from where one can not just view the superb excellence of the Uttarakhand goes yet additionally the Gangotri and Yamunotri runs just as the Chanshil Pass and Kinnaur Kailash ranges.

Brief details about Kedarkantha Trek


• Region: Uttarakhand

• Duration: 5 Night & 6 Days

• Grade: Easy

• Max Altitude: 12,500 Ft.

• Trekking Km: 20 Kms.

• Trail Type: Round Trail. The trek starts and ends at Sankri

• Rail Head: Dehradun is the nearest rail head to the base camp

• Air Port: Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun

• Base Camp: Sankri (10 Hrs drive from Dehradun)

Best time to visit Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha Trek is an all year objective notwithstanding the wet period of rainstorm. Nonetheless, spring and summer are awesome on the off chance that you need to travel in charming climate. Winter then again adds the test for all thoses who need it to be more brave. Indeed, Kedarkantha gets the greater part of its footfalls between the long periods of December and March, which is the best an ideal opportunity to visit Kedarkantha Trek.  

The spring season lets the travelers look into its beautiful perspectives raised by its reasonable skies and rich green pine backwoods and its fragrant wildflowers. This is without a doubt the best an ideal opportunity to visit Kedarkantha, and it expands well into summer.  

Spring and summer carry with it new life and the uncovered tree limbs blasts into life once more. The long path crossing the woodlands and clearings hold patches of snow abandoned by the substantial snowfall of winter. Harvest time feels like sentimentality with its green backwoods transforming into coppery shades of dry leaves.  

In spite of the fact that mid year, spring, and harvest time brag of unrivaled excellence, the colder time of year season removes the prize an additionally figures out how to draw in the most extreme number of travelers. The all encompassing perspective on the shocking snow-covered pinnacles is a draw at any rate. Add to that, the snow-loaded pine backwoods, solidified mountain lakes, the frigid inclines, and you get the most captivating traveling experience ever. Looking at the ritzy sky on a reasonable stormy night must be a vital encounter.


Risks and Difficulties of trekking

Kedarkantha is a unique Himalayan trek, which offers a risk-free, moderate-to-easy trekking experience despite a whopping 12,500 ft altitude.


Altitude Gain

At Kedarkantha Trek, you gain the full altitude of 12,500 ft starting at around 6,500 ft at Sankri. It means you climb around 6,000 ft over the four days of the itinerary kept for the ascent, and 1,500 ft on an average. This is a comfortable gradient thus scaled by beginners also.

Kedarkantha offers a riskless, comfortable pace in that respect. This also helps those who suffer from altitude sickness to gradually get accustomed to the increasing height and not rush into it. It is important to keep oneself hydrated to keep height sickness at bay. Also carry a trekking pole with you to reduce stress on the legs, save energy, and increase balance.

Terrain and Trail

Monsoons are very tricky in the Himalayas. Landslides and fatal accidents are not uncommon in the rainy season. Hence, trekking is not recommended at this time. Moreover, the months of July and August are closed for trekking as those are the peak rainy months in Uttarakhand. The trek is accessible for 10 months of the year which covers the summer season, autumn, spring, and winter.

But for the months the trek is open, the kedarkantha trek is safe and the trail is easy to cover. For the most parts, the trail goes through a forest floor covered with dry fallen leaves. The end part of the trek is covered in thick snow from December to April. Otherwise, you will find grassy knolls and gravels. The trail is friendly and well-marked all the way to the top. The descending trail is spectacularly beautiful, leading to several small clearings before arriving at the Hargaon base camp, which offers enchanting views of the surrounding mountains.

So even for beginners, it will not be a difficult task. However, it is suggested that you take the help of a guide and stick with your team. The Kedarkantha trek trail is simple but long, and there are absolutely no resources around if you are alone and face an emergency.


Even during winter times, the trek can be easily completed, albeit with certain challenges pertaining to weather and climate. Remember micro-spikes and gaiters are essential during winter to scale the trek. They are provided to you by us at Moxtain. You will obviously face snow and ice, but they have not proven to be much of a risk to trekkers over the years. If you have the right gear and the strength of mind, reaching the summit should not be a problem. Kedarkantha is an easy trek in summer, perfect even for the amateurs.

How to Reach Kedarkantha :

To reach Sankri, the base camp, and the starting point for the Kedarkantha trek. Here, we talk about how you can easily reach Sankri from Delhi and Dehradun.

1) From Dehradun to Sankri

Sankri is a small Himalayan hamlet. It has no railhead or airport catering to the town, so the only way to reach Sankri from Dehradun is by road. Jolly Grant airport is the nearest airport to Sankri, which in Dehradun itself.

Sankri is around 200 km from Dehradun and it usually takes 10-11 hours to reach by road. One can choose from a semi-deluxe, deluxe, or AC Volvo bus as per requirement. Busses are available from the Prince Chowk Bus Stand opposite GP Grand Hotel near Dehradun railway station every morning at 5 and 7 AM. The timing of the buses are subjected to change, therefore check the schedule beforehand.

Another option is to take an indirect bus to Mori or Purola from Dehradun and then hire a taxi from there.

Shared taxis are a great option if you want to travel comfortably. They leave from near the railway station area at 7:30 AM and takes around 8 hours to reach. You can also hire private cabs. They will cost a lot more but will take you right to your basecamp accommodation in much less time.


2) From Delhi to Sankri

There are several options to go from Delhi to Sankri. However, most of them involve Dehradun as a stop in the middle.

By Train

Dehradun is the nearest railhead to Sankri. To reach Sankri from Delhi, one has to take a train from Delhi to Dehradun. There are several trains that run the distance, such as Dehradun Express, Jan Shatabdi Express, Uttaranchal Express, Ujjaini Express, and Nanda Devi Express. The last one is the fastest, taking only 6 hours overnight, while the travel time of the rest ranges from 7 to 10 hours. From Dehradun, there are buses and cabs to reach Sankri well in time.

By Flight

Several flights are available every day from Delhi to Dehradun’s Jolly Grant Airport, which is nearest to Sankri. Direct flight takes 45 minutes to an hour to Dehradun from Delhi.

Apart from that, one can also take a 50-minute flight from Delhi to Chandigarh, a 1-hour 25-minute flight to Shimla, or a 1-hour 20-minute flight to Kullu and then drive down to Sankri from there by road. Sankri is easily reachable from all of these places by road, the traveling time ranging from 5 to 7 hours depending on which route one chooses to take.

By Road

Several buses are available from Delhi ISBT Gate to Rohru which is around 90 km from Sankri. The bus ride from Delhi to Rohru will take about 13-14 hours and cover 400 km distance, after which one can hire a taxi to Sankri. Rohru to Sankri will take 2 hours or so. Alternatively, one can drive all the way up to Sankri in a private cab or hire a local one from Dehradun.

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